Our wind turbines are not only beautiful.
They also:

  • Start at lower speeds
  • Are low in noise and vibration
  • Are safe for birds
  • Are more cost-effective than other similar classes of turbines
  • Make their neighbors produce 20-50% more power.

You can own a turbine or invest in part of one to make a safe 10% or more per year.

Our Technology

The essential technology is aerodynamic, based on Computational Fluid Dynamics and other innovations.. Join us as we revolutionize the small wind turbine industry by making turbines with a synergistic cluster effect, for More Zoom in Less Room!


News & Events

  • 2019 - JOIN US! Flower Turbines is successfully doing equity crowdfunding at https://www.startengine.com/flower-turbines
    We have already raised over $250,000. More will enable us to make a strong market entry. We have started manufacturing our latest version and are actively prospecting early customer sites.
  • 2018 - Flower Turbines is one of 20 clean energy chosen in a nationwide search for the most innovative technologies to introduce to China. they flew Dr. Farb to China for a week of meetings.
  • 2018 - Patent on 2-bladed turbines granted in the US, Canada, Europe, Australia, Israel
  • 2018 - Flower Turbines hits the Crowditz top ten list of largest crowdfunding investment commitments for the week of September 16.

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