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About the Company

Dr. Farb founded the Israeli company, Leviathan Energy Wind Lotus, Ltd., in 2008, and the US company Flower Turbines in 2013. The aim is to use new ideas in aerodynamics to make small wind turbines much more useful in commercial settings around the world.

Dr. Daniel Farb, the CEO, has the multidisciplinary academic and work background needed to run the project. He has a formal scientific and liberal arts background from Yale University,where he set an academic record, and from his medical degree at Boston University. He was the original visionary of the turbine concept, and his Executive Management degree from UCLA helps him see the business application. In the US, he ran a small software company and did some simple programming as part of that, so he has a directly relevant background in software. His first job in Israel was working as a biomedical patent writer for a law firm, and has taken numerous patent courses and seminars since then. He has contributed to over 30 patents. He has written over 100 books.

Gil Feldshtein has degrees in mechanical engineering, systems engineering, and business. He has managed projects for companies like Siemens and Israel Aircraft Industries.

Larry Solomon  will join when the company is funded. Brought startups to market. Real estate experience. Columbia Business School 2003; Primary work: EXCEED INVESTMENTS, 2017 – Present, Managing Director, Commercial Business Lines, an insurtech company EXCEED INVESTMENTS, 2012-2017, Chief Operating Officer. UBS WEALTH MANAGEMENT AMERICAS, Director, Market Strategy and Analysis, 2010-2012. BARCLAYS WEALTH / LEHMAN BROTHERS, Vice President, Private Investment Management Corporate Strategy, 2007-2009. MCKINSEY AND COMPANY, Management Consultant, Financial Institutions Group, 2004-2006. Contributing time since 2017

Geoffrey B. Clark: PRIMARY WORK: International Accounts Manager. Former Director of Corporate Planning at Consolidated Edison, 1998 – 2003; Dublind Partners, Consultant, 2003-2007; FLEXcon Company Inc., 2007 – present, Investments Manager. Harvard Business School, 1983; Harvard College cum laude. Contributing time since 2017

Anurag Purwar is a professor of mechanical engineering at Stony Brook University. He has collaborated with the company in supervising his graduate students to work on engineering design

Beth Liu: Investment advisor familiar with China entry strategy. Graduate of Harbin Business University.

David Demby received his Masters Degree in Aeronautical Engineering from University of the Witwatersrand.

A graduate of Erasmus University Business School, Roy Osinga is experienced at bringing companies to market. Responsible for all commercial and operational activities for the region of West and North Europe  Based in our Rotterdam office at PortXL. Studied Business Economics at Erasmus University Broad international experience. Worked for government organizations, corporations, as well as tech start-ups in the field of ICT, construction, and sustainability. Also liaison with the PortXL program, an accelarator program for companies supplying relevant technology for the Maritime sector.