News & Events

2019--Flower Turbines is among 21 out of 1000 companies chosen by PortXL Rotterdam's accelerator to bring innovative technologies to the port there and around the world. We are setting up a subsidiary and regional management in Rotterdam. We are already discussing projects with companies at the port. See the blog for the press release.
2019 - JOIN US! Flower Turbines is successfully doing equity crowdfunding at
We have already raised over $250,000. More will enable us to make a strong market entry. We have started manufacturing our latest version and are actively prospecting early customer sites.
2018 - Flower Turbines is one of 20 clean energy chosen in a nationwide search for the most innovative technologies to introduce to China. they flew Dr. Farb to China for a week of meetings.
2018 - Patent on 2-bladed turbines granted in the US, Canada, Europe, Australia, Israel
2018 - Flower Turbines hits the Crowditz top ten list of largest crowdfunding investment commitments for the week of September 16.
2018 - Patent on 3 bladed vertical axis turbines granted in US.
2016 - Flower Turbines is now installing its latest 3-bladed model at a customer site in Israel. This is part of a partnership with Agrotop to recover energy from the powerful exhaust of chicken houses.
2013 - Our first 3-bladed turbine began testing in India. A torque meter showed it started at 1.2 meters per second of wind. Most turbines start at 3.
2013 - Flower Turbines LLC opened in USA in October.
2012 - Dr. Farb on panel at Tel Aviv University on R&D in Israel along with Google, Microsoft, Paypal, and other companies.
2011 - Dr. Farb leads wind energy panel at Envirotech.
2011 - Two bladed Wind Tulip displayed at the Eilat Hilton in honor of Earth Day.
2011 - Bloomfield Museum of Science, 2011, included in exhibit of Israel's top 45 technologies.
2011 - Cleantech Open competition in Israel for best cleantech technologies, 2011, second place.
2011 - President Shimon Peres displays the Wind Tulip as an example of Israeli technology at his yearly open house in 2011.
2010 - Second prize in the Israel Cleantech Open.
2010 - First small wind turbine attached to the Israeli national grid in the presence of Energy Minister Uzi Landau.
2017 - Cluster effect (the turbines make each other perform better when close together at the right distance) proven on a pair of full-size turbines and on small 3D printed turbines.
2017 - Flower Turbines is one of 3% of companies chosen to participate in the first Urbantech cohort of Dreamit Ventures.