Small Vertical Axis Wind Turbine (VAWT)

The Wind Tulip – your choice of wind turbine – cost-effective, silent, vibration-free, beautiful, and long-lasting, the wind turbine to produce green energy and live next to with pride for many years to come.
The Wind Tulip is designed for producing clean energy at low starting speeds from any direction while allowing people to enjoy living next to it.

But it is much more than a beautiful piece of Eco-Art! Its patent pending aerodynamics make it much more cost-effective. The most important thing is the cluster effect. When these turbines are placed at a patent pending distance from each other, they make their neighbors perform 20-50% better. The testing we have done so far, once on a full size turbine and once on a small model to test rpm, shows this effect clearly. We anticipate more advanced testing of the latest version soon.

A recently filed patent will be incorporated in the aerodynamic design of our latest turbines. We are anticipating a very high efficiency as a result. Here is a chart of the expected power curve: (Cut-in speed is too minor to see on the chart, but it is around 1.5 meters per second.)

Here is our latest brochure: Flower-Turbines_brochure_2019-2