The wind turbine you
want to live and work next to

We make the most beautiful and efficient small wind turbines–
advanced aerodynamics combined with low noise,
a pleasure to live next to and look at.

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A Revolution in Small Wind Turbines

We are changing the market entirely.

Much more efficient than
people thought small wind
turbines could be.

They start at 1.2 meters
per second; others start
at 3

Birds can see them
easily and avoid them

No more noise
than the wind

When close together, they
make each other perform
better by 20-50%.

See them in action

Here you see our residential size demo model at the WindDays 2019 in the WTC Rotterdam.

For corporate sales, contact us via info(at)flowerturbines(dot)com

The Technology

The 2-bladed Wind Tulip is much more than a beautiful piece of Eco-Art! Its patent-pending and patent-granted aerodynamics make it much more cost-effective.

We have addressed the problems keeping small wind from being one of the major worldwide players in renewable energy and shattered myths about small turbines where important science was overlooked. We’ll discuss two of the major ones here.


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from agriculture or housing, without damaging birds, and while creating eco-kinetic art.

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