Reimagining the Efficiency Possibilities Beauty Future Accessibility of Small Wind

Flower Turbines’ tulip design offers a unique combination of beauty & power. We provide renewable energy solutions to reduce greenhouse gases.



Innovative Technology

Safe for Wildlife

Making Small Wind Turbines a Global Force

Flower Turbines aims to power businesses, cities, and homes near the point of use by continually working to achieve aerodynamic distributed energy solutions for all. Click below to find out how to purchase.


Our turbines produce clean energy from any direction in a quiet and beautiful way, allowing people to live and work next to them. This is the wind turbine you’re proud to own.

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Our Technology

Flower Turbines introduces innovations that change preconceptions about small vertical axis wind turbines and their role in the global transition to clean energy. Our patented technologies enable us to fill a large and unique role in the distributed energy field.

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