Look at the fiery red colors of our wind turbines!

This week, we have installed two beautifully colored wind turbines on top of the industrial complex of Roodhart in the harbor of Rotterdam.

With two more Flower Turbines to be placed here soon, Roodhart’s sustainability ambitions cannot be overlooked. The turbines have their beautiful company colors – a passionate bright red, as the company’s name means “Red Heart” in Dutch and symbolizes the passion and the name of this family business.

As a European business with its roots in the Rotterdam harbor, the company specializes in industrial pumping systems and mechanical seals. Like us at Flower Turbines, the people at Roodhart put great value in sustainability and feel that their industry should aim for a greener world. We at Flower Turbines couldn’t agree more. To show this to the world, our vertical wind turbines are a great contribution to Roodhart’s sustainability ambitions.

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