According to a publication of the Dutch Ministry of Defense, our Flower Turbines are the first ever wind turbines at a Dutch military airbase!

Due to their smaller size compared to the enormous traditional wind turbines, Flower Turbines are ideal to generate energy at locations such as airbases where height obstruction is a huge problem. Another key point is that their low turbulence is less likely to interfere with radar.

The Dutch Ministry of Defense has recognized this and requested Flower Turbines a few months ago to do a special project on transportable wind energy.

At Flower Turbines, we love to think out of the box and came up with innovative ways to make the turbines mobile. Hinges on a mobile platform make the turbines easily foldable and transportable. This changes the way wind energy can be used for Air Force applications.

Click here for the news article on the official Ministry of Defense website.

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