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We’re proud to be a diverse group of creatives, designers, & engineers passionate about solving climate change.

Our History

In 2008, Dr. Mark Daniel Farb founded the Israeli company, Leviathan Energy.

In 2013, Flower Turbines, Inc., was incorporated in 2013, then EU subsidiary,  Flower Turbines BV, opened in 2019.


Our Company


We believe in doing good for the world.

We believe in preserving our environment.

We believe in the power of technology to improve products and reduce costs.

Technology. Sustainability. Art.

Flower Turbines combines all three to bring you the wind turbine of the future.

We build vertical-axis turbines that use the power of the wind to generate clean energy and reduce your carbon footprint. We supply to homes, government, and business, and provide an opportunity for investors to participate in the global energy transition. We give you an opportunity to own your energy and survive energy inflation.

Our flower-shaped products come in beautiful designs, and we’ve taken our belief in art and technology a step further by offering a luxury brand with famous artists and distinctive designs. Photo soon to come: pictures of turbines artistically painted by children with limitations.

As part of a good neighbor policy, we manufacture turbines in the US for the US, in Europe for Europe, and intend to expand into other regions. At Flower, we’re proud to have a diverse staff from all backgrounds.

With 20 patents filed and granted, and more to come, we are constantly innovating.

We strive to make our wind turbines the best of their kind.

Join the movement for clean energy. Power your world with Flower Turbines.

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Dr. Daniel Farb | CEO

In 2008, Dr. Mark Daniel Farb founded the Israeli company, Leviathan Energy, which used fluid dynamics to create more efficient water and wind turbines. In 2013, Flower Turbines, was incorporated in New York. The EU subsidiary,  Flower Turbines BV, opened in 2019 in Rotterdam.

Growing up, his father wrote articles popularizing the conservation movement in the U.S., and his mother, was a museum director in New York. Dr. Farb has a formal scientific and liberal arts background from Yale University, where he set an academic record, a medical degree from Boston University, and a degree in Executive Management from UCLA Anderson School of Business.

Dr. Farb also has experience running a small software company, served as a patent consultant at a law firm, as well as written over 100 books and filed over 60 patents.

Warren Stoll | COO

Warren Stoll is an energetic, high-impact leader with a proven track record of success. He brings an analytical mindset and an entrepreneurial ambition to each of his ventures, and excels at navigating complex, high-stakes opportunities.

Prior to joining Flower Turbines, Warren led a series of technology and real estate businesses. Beginning in 1979, Warren raised venture capital for four start-ups, and led each company from inception to growth to a successful sale. In 1982, he founded Einstein software. The company developed the Einstein word processor, which he subsequently sold to Microsoft. He has also located, analyzed, appraised, and negotiated the purchase and sale of numerous commercial properties.

Warren has a BA from CSUN and a JD from Southwestern School of Law. He is an avid fisherman, a devoted husband / father /grandfather, and a champion chess player.

Not only is he passionate about the planet, his eye for recruiting talent has created a stellar team at Flower Turbines’ Headquarters.

Mr. Stoll is also the creator of Flower Power, a product line of Flower Turbines.

Our Team

Ali Grattan

Director of Multimedia Marketing

Fabiola Arzate

Social Media Coordinator

Madison Atwood

Mechanical Engineer

Jonathan Forbes

Electrical Engineer

Dylan Atwood

Shop Technician

James Boyle

Master Electrician

Justin Childers

Shop Technician

Fabian Arzate

Shop Technician 

Thalia Rogalsky

Marketing manager 

Louise Afonso

Operations manager

Samantha Strydom

Sales and Support

Gareth Wyatt-Mair

Web Developer

Beth Liu

Investment Advisor, China

Milan Adamovich

Sr. Mechanical Engineer

Cindy Rayson

Sales and support 

Awards & Recognitions

Flower Turbines and its CEO have received numerous awards and recognitions in multiple countries. Flower Turbines’ advancements have been recognized by both government agencies and institutions of higher education.

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