Flower Turbines in Europe

We appreciate the leadership of the EU in sustainability
and have set up a company to contribute to that.

Small wind and accessibility to sustainable power should be an important part of the world-leading decarbonization plan in Europe. We created a wind turbine you want to live next to and developed several solutions allowing you to charge your bike, scooter, and laptop while you are on the move.  

The Wind Tulips’ ability to fit into many urban settings, and its lower cut-in speed make it the only choice for wide-spread local wind energy for large parts of Europe. Combining it with solar energy enables local energy production at more times of the day and year and less need for energy storage.

Team Europe

Our EU team is located in Rotterdam, at the heart of the industrial and innovation space RDM. The office is presented in our brand video.

Contact our EU team through support.us@flowerturbines.com.


Flower Turbines BV was created following a global search by the PortXL program, which recently won the title of the best business accelerator in the Netherlands. After an evaluation of 1000 companies, Flower Turbines was one of the 20 companies picked for investment and acceleration in Rotterdam.
Within the first two months, Flower Turbines had already signed contracts including winning a tender with a city in the Netherlands. We raised over 1 million in crowdfunding via our US entity and the EU branch received a Rabobank innovation loan. Since then, the European subsidiary has been growing steadily, moving to a bigger production and research facility in late 2019. In February 2020 the company acquired a product line from Ecotap and expanded into the mobility charging sector for bikes, scooters, and people on the move.

EU Partners

We are members of the Netherlands Wind Energy Association and the Dutch Sustainable Energy Association.

Read about Flower Turbines popular presentation at Vakbeurs Energie here.

At that event, Dutch television interviewed Roy Osinga. See it here.

Where the best of Rotterdam comes together

Flower Turbines is located on the lot C4 of the Innovation Dock at RDM

Scheepsbouwweg 8
Innovation Dock
3089JW Rotterdam