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We have concluded rounds 1 and 2 ($1.07 million each) of successful equity crowdfunding
campaigns (selling share units via an internet platform). Our next round, Reg A+ for $14 million, is
now open at . Be sure to follow Flower Turbines after you
register. Click here. Those wishing to invest more than $200,000 directly should contact us at

We have addressed the technology and aerodynamic problems keeping small wind from contributing to sustainability on a large scale. The Flower Turbine produces clean energy from any direction, while still allowing people to live and work next to it …. Peaceful and quiet-unlike other turbines.

Our patented technologies enable us uniquely to fill a large and important role in the energy transition with the potential of billions of dollars of sales.

We combine aerodynamics, beauty, quiet, and bird safety into one package. In many ways, the model for Flower Turbines growth resembles the successful growth of solar, and we have an additional benefit. One solar panel doesn’t make its neighbor perform better, but our turbines, when placed correctly, actually make their neighbors perform better.

You should read the Offering Circular and risks related to this offering before investing. This Reg A+
offering is made available through StartEngine Primary, LLC. This investment is speculative, illiquid,
and involves a high degree of risk, including the possible loss of your entire investment. Click here
to buy shares.

This is the official version of the video taken of Dr. Farb’s interview on WOR radio in New York City in 2019. Dr. Farb talks about the company Flower Turbines and its special small wind turbine technology and answers some questions. 

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