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With recent events regarding energy supply in Europe, it is more important than ever to decrease the load on the grid.

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Our Charging Solutions

In the EU, we provide not only turbines of all our three sizes but also off-grid wind and/or solar chargers and on-grid charging stations for charging e-bikes, cell phones, etc. We use clean energy to help another sustainable technology take off.

ZW Pole

This charging station is a stand-alone unit, meaning that it does not need to be connected to the grid. The electricity is generated by a solar panel and is then stored in a battery within the unit, ready to charge your electric bicycle, scooter, mobility scooter, or other small electric vehicles with. This solution is ideal for customers who want to offer charging solutions want to promote sustainable practices.

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Robert Winters

Robert Winters

Multi-Dept. Coordinator

Elizabeth Ellinson

Elizabeth Ellinson

Customer Support Manager

Hasna Safi

Hasna Safi

Sales Manager

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