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Find the Tulip you want and make a reservation. Reserve for the color you want so we can plan to have your colors available at the factory. If you want to get a custom color (Wild Card), reserve the turbine and contact us with details of what you want and for an estimate at The renderings here can give you some ideas.

Allow 1-3 months for us to get back to you to confirm your choices. We expect them to be available in the US within 6 months.

  • Small
  • White
  • Green exterior
  • Green Interior
  • Forest Green
  • Red Interior
  • Light Blue Interior
  • Dark Blue Interior
  • Red
  • Yellow
  • Blue
  • On Grid
  • Off Grid


Make a reservation deposit for your Wind Tulips—the turbines you want to live and work next to. The best combination of quiet and efficiency you can find anywhere.

Elegance and aerodynamic innovation in one package!

We know that there is a lot of excitement about being the first to get them. So, we decided on the priority: first, those that order in full. Second, those that make a reservation deposit of $100 per turbine. We will contact you when they are available and you can complete the order then or get a full refund. Making this deposit gives you priority and helps us plan your special order.

Don’t forget to make one reservation per turbine. It won’t work for the whole set.

These reservations are mostly for the “small” residential size–over 2 meters high, 500 watts capacity. For larger models and corporate sales, contact us directly, for the EU at Individuals who want the larger sizes can reserve them also.

Standard color is white. Adding a color is a small extra charge. If you don’t want one of our standard variations, we will quote you a custom price.

In most cases, you will order on-grid so it connects to the utility. If you live or intend to live off-grid and send all your wind and maybe solar energy to batteries for your own use at all times, check off-grid.

Please allow time for us to respond to your reservation, and the time to manufacturing at this early stage could be 6 months.


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