Small Wind Turbine, Survival Unit


A 1-meter high turbine with electronics to recharge a 12-volt battery pack.

This 1-meter blade height turbine, 0.5 meters in diameter, is made to connect to a 12 volt battery often used with solar to provide small amounts of emergency power and comes with the electronics to do that. Battery and accessories are not included. This is perfect for when the grid fails and you need clean electricity to charge your phone or other small appliance. You can expect 5-10 watts per hour at 6 meter per second (12 miles per hour) winds. In the course of a night, that could be around 100 watts. Since blackouts often occur during storms, the system could provide 30-50 watts per hour of high winds. This could be a life saver. It comes with extensions to weigh down in a backyard or picnic table. Standard color is black. You should have or buy a 12 volt backup battery set with a car lighter charger to go with it,. Some compatible brands are Yeti and Jackery.