Tulip Power

Producing Charge To Go energy for your bicycle, scooter, mobility scooter or devices. Anywhere, anytime, on and off grid 220/110v.

Our Products:

Ecotap’s charging stations for bicycles and scooters are now called Tulip Power. To read more about it click here.

Wind & Sun Charging (Type ZW)

This model is a stand-alone charging station that produces its own electricity with the help of a solar panel and a small version (1 meter) of our Flower Turbine. The energy is then stored within the unit, ready to charge your bicycle, scooter or mobility scooter. This model is equipped with two power sockets that provide one hour of electricity for each user. Due to its height (4.15 meters) and design, it is very easy to find for users.

2 or 4 power (220/110 Volts) sockets and/or USB ports.

Charging Pole (Type SL)

The Charging Pole with 2 or 4 charging points for bicycles, scooters or mobility scooters. Its sturdy design makes it resistant to vandalism and child-proof. It is connected directly to the grid and fully automatic: plug-in and go!

This model is also available with USB connections to charge any device while you are on the move.

Wall and drive-in Charging (Type WL)

This simple and discrete model comes with 3 charging sockets and can be placed on the wall or integrated into a bicycle rack. These models are ideal for companies and clubs that want to facilitate the mobility of their customers and employees.

Mounted on a bicycle rack with 2 sockets on each side. Also, it is possible to include your advertisement on the rack.

Charging Bench

This solid bench is ideal for public spaces. It is a stand-alone charging station integrated with a semi-transparent solar panel and 6 power sockets/USB, suitable for bicycles, scooters, mobility scooters, laptops or any electronic device.

For sales and inquiries inside of the EU, please contact info.eu@flowerturbines.com or call +31-103076654.

For sales and inquiries outside of the EU, please contact info@flowerturbines.com .