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A more beautiful small vertical-axis wind turbine.

Vertical-Axis Wind Turbines

Flower Turbines has created an innovative combination of low noise and high efficiency technologies.

Our turbines are ideal for urban and off-the-grid applications. Whether you’re a company wanting to decrease its carbon footprint or a survivalist who requires energy independence, one of our turbines is the perfect size.

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Flower Turbines have a unique set of benefits:

Low noise, less than the wind.

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Low starting speed. See graph below.

Efficiency. See the efficiency curve for the medium size one below

Small Model

Our small model turbine is ideal for off-grid installations with low energy requirements. Perfect for ground or roof installations. Minimum orders apply at this time.

Medium Model

Our medium model turbine can be used for ground or roof projects, provided the roof is flat and engineer-approved. Minimum orders apply at this time.

Large Model

Our large model turbine is mostly for on-grid applications. This size is for installations on the ground only. Fill out the form to reach our sales team.

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Our small size, with blades around 1m (3.3 ft) high, is on the market in Europe and the United States. Contact the US team at support.us@flowerturbines.com  to request a project evaluation.

We are launching the small turbine for another purpose: a survival unit that works with a battery, particularly one that connects to solar as well, so that in emergencies you can charge your battery to have small amounts of power at night to power your phone, an LED light, and maybe even an electric blanket.

The integrity of the grid in the US is a major survival problem. Ice storms and hurricanes in places from Texas to Long Island, wildfires in California, hurricanes in NY and North Carolina, have all led to grid shut-down for up to a week. Our small wind turbine will be part of your survival kit and does not depend on replacing fuel for you to survive until the grid comes back.

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The one most available right now in the US and EU is the medium size (3m/9.8ft). It can be used on strong and flat roofs or on the ground, bolted to concrete.

We are selling the medium size for on and off grid uses. The minimum order is three.

This is great for small applications and for marketing. It has a special value in micro-grids because it balances the solar production at different times of the day and weather and thereby reduces the need for batteries. If you are interested in our helping you go off-grid, write us at support.us@flowerturbines.com

We are currently selling the turbines and the electronics separately. Since there are a number of options depending on your wind speed, use of a battery, etc., we make that a separate, custom quotation after you buy the turbines and describe your project.

You should allow approximately 1.1 meters circumference for planning the number of turbines you can fit.

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The large size (blades 5m/16.4ft high) can be pre-ordered now in the US and in the EU. Allow approximately 6-12 months for delivery. This is a serious work horse with 3-5 kilowatts of capacity that is great for parking lots, edges of fields, near large businesses. It is generally too heavy for a roof.

The turbines are good for both grid connection and for helping you go off-grid and be energy independent.

You should provide us with information about your location and planned use. The best step would be to fill out this form and/or write support.us@flowerturbines.com with information on your project.

Cut-in speed at 0.7 (1.5 mph) meters per second.

Efficiency Curve of 2 Flower Turbines, Medium Size

Check Average Wind Speeds in Your Area

Determine the best place to put your turbine. An area with high wind speeds is almost always the best choice. 

You can use the map above to view wind trends in your region. Zooming in or out with help you get information for your specific location. Click the “wind” button in the top right corner to toggle between wind gusts, wind accumulation and more.

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