Thanks to our investors we have raised more than $11 million!

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We believe in our part in saving the planet, not by asking for subsidies, but by creating technological improvements that will make our products useful choices.

Our goal is to provide five percent of electric power in most major markets within 20 years. Learn how to invest by clicking the button below.


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We finished our last RegA+ campaign with over $9 million of investment on Dec.30, 2021, and we split the stock on Dec. 31. We’ve had 3 successful funding rounds (at $10/share, $30/share, and then $70/share) and are a financially strong company. Sign up to be alerted when our next round starts.

Thanks to Our Investors We've Raised More Than $11 million!

Reg A+ Offering

The last Reg A+ offering was made available through StartEngine Primary, LLC.

Before our next investment round, we are accepting angel investments of $50,000 or more. To make sure you get updates, register on our investor mailing list (link to be added) and follow us at

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RegCF Annual Report 2021

To view our RegCF 2021 Annual Report, please click the button below.

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