Tulip Power

Producing energy for your bicycle, scooter, mobility scooter or devices. Anywhere, anytime, on and off grid 220/110v.

Why us?

Quality & Simplicity

Formerly manufactured by Ecotap, our charging stations are developed under the principles of quality and simplicity. Ensuring the highest quality of our product is essential for the durability of the charging stations, making sure they can withstand extreme weather as well as vandalism. The simplicity of our design makes charging your bicycle or scooter not harder than parking it.

Solutions for the cities of tomorrow

Flower Turbines believes in the power of innovation to make our cities greener. Therefore, we have joined our patented wind turbine designs with state of the art charging stations to bring sustainable energy to you.

Science and Art

With our charging stations you get more than the latest technology, you also get an organic design that stands out without disturbing the environment. Our green and turquoise charging stations are easy to spot and their simplistic layout merges design and efficiency.

Flower Turbines

The most beautiful and efficient wind turbines can now charge your electric bicycle and scooter. In a fully integrated design, our silent wind turbines work together with solar panels to generate sustainable energy, revolutionizing cities’ infrastructures and facilitating mobility: Charge and go!