A wind turbine is both a statement of your commitment to a cleaner planet and an investment. 

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In many places around the world, wind is an important resource.

We have achieved the innovative combination of low noise and high efficiency. A measurement from the Israeli Ministry of the Environment on an earlier version found that the decibel level decreased downwind.  

Our patented “cluster effect” makes each turbine perform better. This game changer enables simultaneous installation of more turbines. 

The turbines look like rotating tulips and are a work of art, something that will proudly announce your commitment to sustainability.

Choose your color and give your customers an elegant expression of your sustainability while you save money.

Our Wind Turbines are:






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Our Wind Turbines in Amsterdam 

Our Turbines

Small Model

Measuring 1 meter, this compact and light model is ideal for off-grid projects, installations, and campers. Despite being our smallest model, it bears our patented design that ensures unrivalled efficiency. If you are interested in off-grid solutions with low energy requirements, then this is the model for you!

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Medium Model

Our 3-meter model is the most popular choice of our customers for smaller uses and residences, but they still have the cluster effect that enables you to reduce the carbon footprint of a home or small business and tie several into one battery and inverter; they are the perfect match between cost-efficiency and productivity. Thanks to its compact size, the turbine can be installed on the ground or on strong enough flat roofs. Its blades are made of fiberglass; it comes with a powerful generator, a charge controller, battery (extra charge), and a grid inverter. Whether you want to power your business or your home, you will be surprised by the output of this aesthetic and silent turbine. In areas with good wind conditions, this turbine does the job. Additionally, you can choose a color to blend in with the environment or to match your corporate identity.

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Large Model

Our tallest model (6 meters) is a serious option for the large-scale production of electricity because placing them in groups close to each other increases their productivity. They are especially relevant for corporations with strong roofs or along parking lots and otherwise unused areas. Currently only available in fiberglass blades. The wind turbine comes with a 5 kW generator.

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Here is a link to the FAQ page.

We often are asked about comparisons to and integration with existing or planned solar PV projects. Here is a white paper about the advantages over solar when space is limited in a windy area. Here are some guidelines on planning and using wind and solar together.